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Random Culture is the polar opposite of cringe culture. Random culture is all about neon colors and waffles and blurting out unexpected things for a laugh, everything that cringe culture hates. Random culture also consists of the radical notion that people are allowed to enjoy whatever the fuck they want without being persecuted or told to kill themselves. That is, as long as they aren't harming anyone. Random Culture was most accepted during the Golden Age of Randomness.



An epic face, but it has the XD face.

"XD" is an emoticon that depicts a laughing face. One interpretation of it is that the eyes are squinting because it's laughing. Another interpretation of it is that the eyes are x's, implying it's the face of someone who died from laughing too hard. This emoticon is commonly associated with random culture. There are multiple ways of spelling this, including xD and Xd


"Rawr" is an alternative spelling of "roar" used in random and scene culture. It is often something that is blurted out randomly. It originated from a drawing of a dinosaur, which was accompanied with the text "RAWR! it means 'I LOVE YOU!' in dinosaur."


How it all began.